To provide fellowship, support, and counsel for interim ministers
To promote and strengthen interim ministry in churches without a minister

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News & Events

Annual Retreat at Eagle Eyrie Postponed

Again we have to reschedule our VNIM retreat because of virus concerns.  Our new date is October 18-19, 2021.  Surely by then, we hope, that major restrictions will be a thing of the past, and we can have the usual great time on the mountain.  It should be a beautiful time of the year to be there.  

We will try to send out a more complete schedule a little later, but it looks now like we will an hour earlier, 11:00 A. M. and take care of some business such as electing new officers, and dealing with our relation to the BGAV, other training groups, and what training we might want to offer.   If needed, we can also meet an hour longer on Tuesday to finish up any business matters.

Many of you are already paid up for the retreat, and I've still got your money, so you don't have to pay again.  If you forgot whether or not you've paid, I'll let you know.

Please pray that this date will work out well.  We hate to have all of the postponements that have been necessary, but maybe it will allow more of our members to attend and all will have a more enjoyable time. 



Check back later for an updated outline of the meeting.