To provide fellowship, support, and counsel for interim ministers
To promote and strengthen interim ministry in churches without a minister

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For a list of available pastors, click this box. ID is “GUeST” and the PW is “liSt1”.


Our Interim Ministry Resources document will help you connect with a number of other organizations that can either answer your questions or point you in the right direction as you journey through the interim period. This is for churches and pastors alike.

Courtesy of David Brubaker (Click to download)

Building Resilient Congregations (PowerPoint)
Building Resilient Congregations (PDF format)
Lea's Five Levels of Conflict (PDF format)
Congregational Consulting Process (PDF format)

Suggested Books from Oct. 9, 2014 Meeting with Dan Bagby

Courtesy of Bob Dale (Click to download)

*HORIZONS, EDGES, FACES: What Makes Future Leaders
 Distinctive & Gives “Stretch” Agility (PowerPoint)

*CONTEXT: Future Leaders Know the “Where” & “When”
of Their Ministry (PowerPoint)

DISTINCTIVE WITNESS:  Future Leaders Cultivate
“Contrast Communities” (PowerPoint)